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This directory consumes tools from other repositories for use on the
bots. To update to newer revisions, follow these instructions:
DEPS: Set all revisions to those used in Chromium, found at (Search for the
corresponding repository name.)
go/ Set TOOLSET_VERSION to the latest release of Go, found at Set CLANG_REVISION and CLANG_SUB_REVISION to the values used in
Chromium, found at Set the hash in TOOLCHAIN_HASH to the toolchain
used in Chromium, found at _GetDesiredVsToolchainHashes
This may require taking other updates to that file. If updating MSVS
version, also update TOOLCHAIN_VERSION accordingly.
The .sha1 files correspond to files downloaded from Google Cloud Storage. To
update, place the updated files in their intended location and run: -b chromium-tools FILE
cmake-linux64.tar.gz: Download the latest CMake source tarball, found at Build it with:
./bootstrap --prefix=$PWD/cmake-linux64 && make && make install
tar -czf cmake-linux64.tar.gz cmake-linux64/
cmake-mac.tar.gz: Follow the same instructions as above on a Mac, but replace
cmake-linux64 with cmake-mac. Update to the latest prebuilt release of CMake, found at Use the file labeled "Windows ZIP". The
download will be named Update to the latest 32-bit prebuilt "PortableZip" edition of
Strawberry Perl, found at The
download will be named
yasm-win32.exe: Update to the appropriate release of Yasm. Use the same version
as Chromium, found at
Use the release at labeled
"Win32 .exe". The download will be named yasm-VERSION-win32.exe.