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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <openssl/base.h>
#include "general_names.h"
namespace bssl {
class CertErrors;
namespace der {
class Input;
} // namespace der
// Parses a NameConstraints extension value and allows testing whether names are
// allowed under those constraints as defined by RFC 5280 section
class OPENSSL_EXPORT NameConstraints {
// Parses a DER-encoded NameConstraints extension and initializes this object.
// |extension_value| should be the extnValue from the extension (not including
// the OCTET STRING tag). |is_critical| should be true if the extension was
// marked critical. Returns nullptr if parsing the the extension failed.
// The object may reference data from |extension_value|, so is only valid as
// long as |extension_value| is.
static std::unique_ptr<NameConstraints> Create(der::Input extension_value,
bool is_critical,
CertErrors *errors);
// Create a NameConstraints object with only permitted names from the passed
// in |permitted_subtrees|. Should never return nullptr.
static std::unique_ptr<NameConstraints> CreateFromPermittedSubtrees(
GeneralNames permitted_subtrees);
// Tests if a certificate is allowed by the name constraints.
// |subject_rdn_sequence| should be the DER-encoded value of the subject's
// RDNSequence (not including Sequence tag), and may be an empty ASN.1
// sequence. |subject_alt_names| should be the parsed representation of the
// subjectAltName extension or nullptr if the extension was not present.
// If the certificate is not allowed, an error will be added to |errors|.
// Note that this method does not check hostname or IP address in commonName,
// which is deprecated (
void IsPermittedCert(der::Input subject_rdn_sequence,
const GeneralNames *subject_alt_names,
CertErrors *errors) const;
// Returns true if the ASCII email address |name| is permitted. |name| should
// be a "mailbox" as specified by RFC 2821, with the additional restriction
// that quoted names and whitespace are not allowed by this implementation.
bool IsPermittedRfc822Name(std::string_view name,
bool case_insensitive_exclude_localpart) const;
// Returns true if the ASCII hostname |name| is permitted.
// |name| may be a wildcard hostname (starts with "*."). Eg, "*"
// would not be permitted if "" is permitted and "" is
// excluded, while "*" would only be permitted if "" is
// permitted.
bool IsPermittedDNSName(std::string_view name) const;
// Returns true if the directoryName |name_rdn_sequence| is permitted.
// |name_rdn_sequence| should be the DER-encoded RDNSequence value (not
// including the Sequence tag.)
bool IsPermittedDirectoryName(der::Input name_rdn_sequence) const;
// Returns true if the iPAddress |ip| is permitted.
bool IsPermittedIP(der::Input ip) const;
// Returns a bitfield of GeneralNameTypes of all the types constrained by this
// NameConstraints. Name types that aren't supported will only be present if
// the name constraint they appeared in was marked critical.
// RFC 5280 section says:
// Applications conforming to this profile MUST be able to process name
// constraints that are imposed on the directoryName name form and SHOULD be
// able to process name constraints that are imposed on the rfc822Name,
// uniformResourceIdentifier, dNSName, and iPAddress name forms.
// If a name constraints extension that is marked as critical
// imposes constraints on a particular name form, and an instance of
// that name form appears in the subject field or subjectAltName
// extension of a subsequent certificate, then the application MUST
// either process the constraint or reject the certificate.
int constrained_name_types() const { return constrained_name_types_; }
const GeneralNames &permitted_subtrees() const { return permitted_subtrees_; }
const GeneralNames &excluded_subtrees() const { return excluded_subtrees_; }
[[nodiscard]] bool Parse(der::Input extension_value, bool is_critical,
CertErrors *errors);
GeneralNames permitted_subtrees_;
GeneralNames excluded_subtrees_;
int constrained_name_types_ = GENERAL_NAME_NONE;
} // namespace bssl