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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "fillins/openssl_util.h"
#include "cert_issuer_source.h"
#include "parsed_certificate.h"
#include <optional>
namespace bssl {
enum class CertificateTrustType {
// This certificate is explicitly blocked (distrusted).
// The trustedness of this certificate is unknown (inherits trust from
// its issuer).
// This certificate is a trust anchor (as defined by RFC 5280).
// This certificate can be used as a trust anchor (as defined by RFC 5280) or
// a trusted leaf, depending on context.
// This certificate is a directly trusted leaf.
// Describes the level of trust in a certificate.
struct OPENSSL_EXPORT CertificateTrust {
static constexpr CertificateTrust ForTrustAnchor() {
CertificateTrust result;
result.type = CertificateTrustType::TRUSTED_ANCHOR;
return result;
static constexpr CertificateTrust ForTrustAnchorOrLeaf() {
CertificateTrust result;
result.type = CertificateTrustType::TRUSTED_ANCHOR_OR_LEAF;
return result;
static constexpr CertificateTrust ForTrustedLeaf() {
CertificateTrust result;
result.type = CertificateTrustType::TRUSTED_LEAF;
return result;
static constexpr CertificateTrust ForUnspecified() {
CertificateTrust result;
return result;
static constexpr CertificateTrust ForDistrusted() {
CertificateTrust result;
result.type = CertificateTrustType::DISTRUSTED;
return result;
constexpr CertificateTrust WithEnforceAnchorExpiry(bool value = true) const {
CertificateTrust result = *this;
result.enforce_anchor_expiry = value;
return result;
constexpr CertificateTrust WithEnforceAnchorConstraints(
bool value = true) const {
CertificateTrust result = *this;
result.enforce_anchor_constraints = value;
return result;
constexpr CertificateTrust WithRequireAnchorBasicConstraints(
bool value = true) const {
CertificateTrust result = *this;
result.require_anchor_basic_constraints = value;
return result;
constexpr CertificateTrust WithRequireLeafSelfSigned(
bool value = true) const {
CertificateTrust result = *this;
result.require_leaf_selfsigned = value;
return result;
bool IsTrustAnchor() const;
bool IsTrustLeaf() const;
bool IsDistrusted() const;
bool HasUnspecifiedTrust() const;
std::string ToDebugString() const;
static std::optional<CertificateTrust> FromDebugString(
const std::string& trust_string);
// The overall type of trust.
CertificateTrustType type = CertificateTrustType::UNSPECIFIED;
// Optionally, enforce extra bits on trust anchors. If these are false, the
// only fields in a trust anchor certificate that are meaningful are its
// name and SPKI.
bool enforce_anchor_expiry = false;
bool enforce_anchor_constraints = false;
// Require that X.509v3 trust anchors have a basicConstraints extension.
// X.509v1 and X.509v2 trust anchors do not support basicConstraints and are
// not affected.
// Additionally, this setting only has effect if `enforce_anchor_constraints`
// is true, which also requires that the extension assert CA=true.
bool require_anchor_basic_constraints = false;
// Optionally, require trusted leafs to be self-signed to be trusted.
bool require_leaf_selfsigned = false;
// Interface for finding intermediates / trust anchors, and testing the
// trustedness of certificates.
class OPENSSL_EXPORT TrustStore : public CertIssuerSource {
TrustStore(const TrustStore&) = delete;
TrustStore& operator=(const TrustStore&) = delete;
// Returns the trusted of |cert|, which must be non-null.
// Optionally, if |debug_data| is non-null, debug information may be added
// (any added Data must implement the Clone method.) The same |debug_data|
// object may be passed to multiple GetTrust calls for a single verification,
// so implementations should check whether they already added data with a
// certain key and update it instead of overwriting it.
virtual CertificateTrust GetTrust(const ParsedCertificate* cert,
void* debug_data) = 0;
// Disable async issuers for TrustStore, as it isn't needed.
// TODO(mattm): Pass debug_data here too.
void AsyncGetIssuersOf(const ParsedCertificate* cert,
std::unique_ptr<Request>* out_req) final;
} // namespace net