Add tests for client-initiated renegotiation.

These'll get removed once most of renego support is gone, but this is to prove
removing the warning alert from the previous commit still prevents legacy

Change-Id: I7d9d95e1d4c5d23d3b6d170938a5499a65f2d5ea
Reviewed-by: Adam Langley <>
diff --git a/ssl/test/runner/common.go b/ssl/test/runner/common.go
index c77f765..6130343 100644
--- a/ssl/test/runner/common.go
+++ b/ssl/test/runner/common.go
@@ -488,7 +488,7 @@
 	// the extended master secret option.
 	RequireExtendedMasterSecret bool
-	// NoExtendedMasterSecret causes the client and server to behave is if
+	// NoExtendedMasterSecret causes the client and server to behave as if
 	// they didn't support an extended master secret.
 	NoExtendedMasterSecret bool
@@ -500,6 +500,10 @@
 	// renegotiation handshake to be incorrect.
 	BadRenegotiationInfo bool
+	// NoRenegotiationInfo causes the client to behave as if it
+	// didn't support the renegotiation info extension.
+	NoRenegotiationInfo bool
 	// SequenceNumberIncrement, if non-zero, causes outgoing sequence
 	// numbers in DTLS to increment by that value rather by 1. This is to
 	// stress the replay bitmap window by simulating extreme packet loss and