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This directory consumes tools from other repositories for use on the
bots. To update to newer revisions, follow these instructions:
DEPS: Set the external/gyp.git revision to the revision used in Chromium, found at
(Search for 'gyp.git'.)
go/ Set TOOLSET_VERSION to the latest release of Go, found at Set CLANG_REVISION and CLANG_SUB_REVISION to the values used in
Chromium, found at Set the hash in _GetDesiredVsToolchainHashes to the toolchain
used in Chromium, found at
This may require taking other updates to that file.
The .sha1 files correspond to files downloaded from Google Cloud Storage. To
update, place the updated files in their intended location and run: -b chromium-tools FILE
cmake-linux64.tar.gz: Download the latest CMake source tarball, found at Build it with:
./bootstrap --prefix=$PWD/cmake-linux64 && make && make install
tar -czf cmake-linux64.tar.gz cmake-linux64/
cmake-mac.tar.gz: Follow the same instructions as above on a Mac, but replace
cmake-linux64 with cmake-mac. Update to the latest prebuilt release of CMake, found at Use the file labeled "Windows ZIP". The
download will be named Update to the latest 32-bit prebuilt "PortableZip" edition of
Strawberry Perl, found at The
download will be named
yasm-win32.exe: Update to the appropriate release of Yasm. Use the same version
as Chromium, found at
Use the release at labeled
"Win32 .exe". The download will be named yasm-VERSION-win32.exe.