GoogleTest User's Guide

Welcome to GoogleTest!

GoogleTest is Google‘s C++ testing and mocking framework. This user’s guide has the following contents:

  • GoogleTest Primer - Teaches you how to write simple tests using GoogleTest. Read this first if you are new to GoogleTest.
  • GoogleTest Advanced - Read this when you've finished the Primer and want to utilize GoogleTest to its full potential.
  • GoogleTest Samples - Describes some GoogleTest samples.
  • GoogleTest FAQ - Have a question? Want some tips? Check here first.
  • Mocking for Dummies - Teaches you how to create mock objects and use them in tests.
  • Mocking Cookbook - Includes tips and approaches to common mocking use cases.
  • Mocking Cheat Sheet - A handy reference for matchers, actions, invariants, and more.
  • Mocking FAQ - Contains answers to some mocking-specific questions.