Fix buffer size computation.

The maximum buffer size computation wasn't quite done right in
ssl_buffer.c, so we were failing with BUFFER_TOO_SMALL for sufficiently
large records. Fix this and, as penance, add 103 tests.

(Test that we can receive maximum-size records in all cipher suites.
Also test SSL_OP_MICROSOFT_BIG_SSLV3_BUFFER while I'm here.)


Change-Id: I714c16dda2ed13f49d8e6cd1b48adc5a8491f43c
Reviewed-by: Adam Langley <>
diff --git a/ssl/test/runner/common.go b/ssl/test/runner/common.go
index 2b7e29b..f578631 100644
--- a/ssl/test/runner/common.go
+++ b/ssl/test/runner/common.go
@@ -762,6 +762,10 @@
 	// shutdown. Records from the peer received after close_notify is sent
 	// are not discard.
 	ExpectCloseNotify bool
+	// SendLargeRecords, if true, allows outgoing records to be sent
+	// arbitrarily large.
+	SendLargeRecords bool
 func (c *Config) serverInit() {