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  1. gtest-port.h
  2. gtest-printers.h
  3. gtest.h

Customization Points

The custom directory is an injection point for custom user configurations.

Header gtest.h

The following macros can be defined:

  • GTEST_OS_STACK_TRACE_GETTER_ - The name of an implementation of OsStackTraceGetterInterface.
  • GTEST_CUSTOM_TEMPDIR_FUNCTION_ - An override for testing::TempDir(). See testing::TempDir for semantics and signature.

Header gtest-port.h

The following macros can be defined:

Flag related macros:

  • GTEST_FLAG(flag_name)
  • GTEST_USE_OWN_FLAGFILE_FLAG_ - Define to 0 when the system provides its own flagfile flag parsing.
  • GTEST_DECLARE_bool_(name)
  • GTEST_DECLARE_int32_(name)
  • GTEST_DECLARE_string_(name)
  • GTEST_DEFINE_bool_(name, default_val, doc)
  • GTEST_DEFINE_int32_(name, default_val, doc)
  • GTEST_DEFINE_string_(name, default_val, doc)


  • GTEST_LOG_(severity)
  • GTEST_CHECK_(condition)
  • Functions LogToStderr() and FlushInfoLog() have to be provided too.


  • GTEST_HAS_NOTIFICATION_ - Enabled if Notification is already provided.
  • GTEST_HAS_MUTEX_AND_THREAD_LOCAL_ - Enabled if Mutex and ThreadLocal are already provided. Must also provide GTEST_DECLARE_STATIC_MUTEX_(mutex) and GTEST_DEFINE_STATIC_MUTEX_(mutex)

Underlying library support features


Exporting API symbols:

  • GTEST_API_ - Specifier for exported symbols.

Header gtest-printers.h

  • See documentation at gtest/gtest-printers.h for details on how to define a custom printer.