Remove the last of SESS_CERT.

Move cert_chain to the SSL_SESSION. Now everything on an SSL_SESSION is
properly serialized. The cert_chain field is, unfortunately, messed up
since it means different things between client and server.

There exists code which calls SSL_get_peer_cert_chain as both client and
server and assumes the existing semantics for each. Since that function
doesn't return a newly-allocated STACK_OF(X509), normalizing between the
two formats is a nuisance (we'd either need to store both cert_chain and
cert_chain_full on the SSL_SESSION or create one of the two variants
on-demand and stash it into the SSL).

This CL does not resolve this and retains the client/server difference
in SSL_SESSION. The SSL_SESSION serialization is a little inefficient
(two copies of the leaf certificate) for a client, but clients don't
typically serialize sessions. Should we wish to resolve it in the
future, we can use a different tag number. Because this was historically
unserialized, existing code must already allow for cert_chain not being
preserved across i2d/d2i.

In keeping with the semantics of retain_only_sha256_of_client_certs,
cert_chain is not retained when that flag is set.

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