Drop in prebuilt versions of Windows files.

These are upstream's prebuilt binaries of:
e9493171de0edd8879755aa7229a701010a19561  cmake-3.1.3-win32-x86.zip
ab6e7aee6a915c4d820b86f5227094763b649fce  strawberry-perl-
4c4d1951181a610923523cb10d83d9ae9952fbf3  yasm-1.2.0-win32.exe

This is intentionally using yasm 1.2.0 rather than the latest 1.3.0 to match
Chromium's current bundled version. Chromium has additional patches, but they
all seem to be either in 1.2.0 or not relevant for us.

Also update extract.py a little to account for these.


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