Googletest Samples

If you‘re like us, you’d like to look at googletest samples. The sample directory has a number of well-commented samples showing how to use a variety of googletest features.

  • Sample #1 shows the basic steps of using googletest to test C++ functions.
  • Sample #2 shows a more complex unit test for a class with multiple member functions.
  • Sample #3 uses a test fixture.
  • Sample #4 teaches you how to use googletest and googletest.h together to get the best of both libraries.
  • Sample #5 puts shared testing logic in a base test fixture, and reuses it in derived fixtures.
  • Sample #6 demonstrates type-parameterized tests.
  • Sample #7 teaches the basics of value-parameterized tests.
  • Sample #8 shows using Combine() in value-parameterized tests.
  • Sample #9 shows use of the listener API to modify Google Test's console output and the use of its reflection API to inspect test results.
  • Sample #10 shows use of the listener API to implement a primitive memory leak checker.